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Does your company know why the algorithm of Facebook (and other networks) changes all the time?

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Does your company know why the algorithm of Facebook (and other networks) changes all the time?

One of the biggest challenges that social media marketing specialists must face is the constant evolution of the algorithm. There are many reasons why it is so difficult to create social media marketing strategies. You don’t just have to deal with opinion leaders, who can sometimes be challenging for brands. You also have to respond to Uganda Phone Number List consumer demands and learn to handle new tools. But perhaps the most important problem is always adapting to the algorithm. And, although it may not seem like it, it is in constant change for good reasons: Any marketer knows that users are constantly changing the way they act and interact with content and brands. In this sense, Facebook and other social networks have to be changing all the time how they present their publications to people. This, simply to ensure that there is the highest level of engagement possible.

In this sense, it is positive for brands to adjust to market transformations. The truth is that all platforms of social media are constantly creating new phone numbers list ways in which brands can directly reach their audiences. The above always results in higher performance on paid campaigns. However, time and space in newsfeed users’ are limited, so the algorithm tends to favor paid content. Something that, of course, also changes the distribution of posts. It must also be accepted that, like brands, social networks do not have all the answers about audience Phone Number List behaviors and trends. So sometimes you have to experiment a bit with the distribution of posts and content. This is the only way in which it is possible to discover elements that, perhaps, in the past were not well recognized. And that in the future, they can lead to a rate engagement even higher. Understanding this program and how it classifies content is one of the most important knowledge marketers can have. Of course, precisely because it is changing all the time, it is difficult to become an expert while other key activities phone number lists for the brand is taking place. That is why the best bet of people in the industry is to attend courses like Algorithm in Social Networks and update their knowledge.

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