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Fund for journalism: Facebook will give five million dollars to support “freelance writers”

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Fund for journalism: Facebook will give five million dollars to support “freelance writers”

Facebook long ago introduced a newsletter platform that would allow independent journalists to generate more income. Little by little, journalism continues phone number lists to migrate from traditional media and towards digital channels. According to Reuters, Facebook just announced a new fund, valued at $ 5 million, for freelance editors, copywriters and reporters. The idea is that this project goes hand in hand with the new platform publishing of the social network, which was unveiled a month ago. In theory, priority would be given to minority communities. At the moment, it seems that they will only be able to apply to the program Buy Vietnam Mobile Number List independent journalists from the United States (USA). As of Thursday, Facebook will begin to receive applications to be the beneficiaries of the fund. According to the social network, priority will also be given to those that cover topics and sectors of the population that do not usually attract the attention of the more established media. The contracts between the social network and the editors would last several years. It should be noted that Facebook’s journalistic platform would be integrated with its Pages, and would allow journalists to publish their stories directly on the social network. Not only that, but Mark Zuckerberg’s site would also help them develop their own web domains. They could also aspire to extra income with subscription systems, which would be processed by the same company. Reuters notes that it is a response to the popularity of newsletters. There are several reasons why Facebook could be investing so much in information specialists within its platform. Perhaps the most obvious explanation could be the prevalence of fake news within the social network.

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According to Forbes, research has found that Mark Zuckerberg’s main site spreads disinformation faster than any other brand in the industry. Having more journalists in your domain could reverse this phenomenon. But it could also respond to phone number list tensions between Facebook and the media. Do not forget that the Zuckerberg platform and Google are, according to agents such as Poynter, the main ones responsible for the low income of the news industry. While publishers generate content that attracts consumers, these intermediaries take most of the revenue. So this fund could be seen as a peace offer. The thing is, this money will not go to the big media groups, which are the ones that have complained the most about the power Phone Number List dynamics that exist with Facebook. Directly supporting independent journalists is something that agents like The Conversation have defended in the negotiations of digital channels with publishers. But putting aside the big companies in the sector could certainly seem like a slightly more serious declaration of war. It’s also possible that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is trying to create its own news empire. You have certainly already had initiatives that demonstrate your interest in creating your own content platform. In 2017, for example, he started experimenting with new subscriptions for articles. Since then, it was clear his intention not only to promote online journalism but also to concentrate these materials on his platform. An even stronger bet on this path began to be noticed in 2019. In August of that year, Facebook decided that it was going phone number list to directly hire journalists to handle its News project. This was well seen by some agents, as it shows a level of commitment to the basic principles of information. But it can also be seen as a very important bet to centralize the production of news articles in your environment.

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