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How to get more traffic with Twitter? The ultimate formula for republishing content

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How to get more traffic with Twitter? The ultimate formula for republishing content

Our content quickly falls into oblivion on Twitter. The life cycle is so short that we need some tactic that allows us to maximize its longevity and capture as much traffic as possible. Twitter is an incredible means of generating traffic. In fact, it is our main traffic attraction channel after organic traffic. And not just traffic, but obviously conversation too. Two of the most important goals we have. However, just as it is an incredible means of generating traffic, it is also an incredible means of making your messages disappear at the crowing of a rooster. And it’s exactly Poland Mobile Database that long it takes for your tweets to lose value. As we can see, our message receives 90% of the possible impressions in the first half-hour. Therefore, what is the point of publishing a post or a good tweet only once? The key to spreading a post on Twitter is republishing Tweet this. How to republish content on Twitter? I would like to baptize this formula as the Waltz formula. Yes, the dance. One two Three; one-two Three.

Within our methodology, when creating a piece of content (which can be a post, a micro-content, an infographic, etc.) we work on dissemination with a simple rule: at least, each piece must have 6 tweets to get the best possible diffusion over a period of one month. And within those 6 tweets, with the Waltz rule, we establish the possible headlines that each of the tweets will have. The first of the tweets will have the title of the post (1): What is a FAV for on Twitter? The second of the tweets will have another title, which will have been previously defined in the editorial calendar (2): 10 reasons to use the Twitter favorite. The third tweet will have Brother Cell Phone List a different title than the first and second. Also previously defined in the editorial calendar (3): How to gain followers using the Twitter favorite. And here the dance comes into play. After the third tweet, we return to the attack with the first of all, which was the title of the news. Then the second, and then the third. One two Three; one-two Three. Dance a Waltz to publish your posts on Twitter Tweet this The idea is not to publish more than 6 in the first broadcast of this post.

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Then we will have to measure well, both in Google Analytics the traffic and in Twitter the impressions and CTR, and we reschedule in our editorial calendar if necessary. If we see that it has not worked as expected, then we will optimize the post in search of a new approach (quick trick: new introduction + new title + new image + new examples + new format). The key is to get the maximum traffic with all the posts; We cannot allow ourselves that if a post has not worked, let it die. And since an image is worth a thousand words, we will understand it better like this: As you can see, it is a very simple tactic that will allow us to improve our traffic and retention. The idea, more or less, would be to get more traffic peaks as we have seen in the first graph, as many as each tweet sent, understanding that it may have more or less diffusion than the first time (although the objective will be to achieve more): And since a video is worth a thousand images, here it goes: I hope this formula is helpful to you, and if you have any improvements or questions, feel free to comment! 🙂

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