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In the middle of Cinco de Mayo, Facebook will say whether or not it forgives Trump for the assault on the Capitol

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In the middle of Cinco de Mayo, Facebook will say whether or not it forgives Trump for the assault on the Capitol

The decision is the most important and expected of the Facebook Supervisory Board since its inception, as it would have great ramifications. It seems that Facebook’s Oversight Board has finally had the time to review all the comments it requested from its users for the Donald Trump case. According to Reuters, the decision-making body of the social network has just announced that it is ready to reveal its decision regarding the status of the former president’s account on the platform. Since the beginning of the year, the profile has been inactive as a result Ukraine Phone Number List of the attacks it promoted against the Capitol building. This information was released directly by the Facebook Board through its official Twitter account. In the publication, he indicated that he will post his determination on the organization’s website this Wednesday, May 5, at 10:00 in Mexico City (CDMX). Several users of the platform have responded to the announcement, pointing out that the president should not be allowed back on the platform. This, for his still reprehensible comments. Previously, the Oversight Board said that it was going to have the decision ready for several weeks, but has delayed the date on multiple occasions. The first time he said that he wanted to open the case to comments from all Facebook users, so he gave himself more time to receive and analyze the letters from the community. After obtaining more than 9,000 messages, the organization once again postponed the day of the final decision to give itself time and review them all. Since this body was formed, several agents have expressed their doubts about the kind of impact it could have on the Facebook community. Figures like the Internet Governance Project called the Oversight Board a “Supreme Court without teeth.”

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This, because the group cannot really force the social network to make any changes to its policies, but only give recommendations. Not only that, but the decisions phone number list have been very controversial. Also in data Reuters, the Board has gone against Facebook’s decisions to remove certain posts for potential hate and abuse messages. This has not been to the liking of many organizations and critical agents of the social network. This, because the general idea is that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are not doing enough work to prevent content distribution. Not that they are overstepping their moderation of posts. The important thing about this decision is the precedent that it could set both for Facebook and for other Phone Number List platforms in the market. According to Vanity Fair, many are uncomfortable with the power that social media has to block, if they so choose, political agents from these massive spaces. At the same time, there are many international leaders, outside of Trump, who are using these sites to push their agendas and hate speech. Particularly in the specific situation of the now-former president of the United States (USA), a complete ban on Facebook could be good for the future of the country. In February, the US Senate decided to scrap the process of impeachment against Trump. A procedure that the Democratic wing was promoting to prevent the Republicans from seeking reelection in 2024. The possibility, legally speaking, is still within his reach. And closing the doors on Facebook could take one more megaphone away from Trump. Something that could phone number list significantly affects the strategy he seems to be planning right now to reach the 2024 presidential race. In January, it began to be rumored that he could create his own TV channel, to give his followers a voice. If this possibility is realized, being blocked on the Zuckerberg platform and on Twitter could significantly reduce your total reach.

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